Tuesday, December 30, 2008

No Coupons!

I have a budget of $30 per week to feed two people. I don't use coupons, but I routinely save 40-50% on my grocery receipt. It can be done with a little planning and some basic information about the normal price of things on your shopping list.

Next time you're buying something basic with a coupon, take a minute to compare the coupon price with the price of the store brand or value brand. Often, even with a coupon you're paying more than the regular price of the item.

But I seldom buy the store brand at the regular price. For example, elbow macaroni is 98¢ for a 1 pound box when I buy the store brand. When it's on sale, it's only 50¢ a box. So I only buy macaroni and spaghetti when they are available for 50¢ a pound. At that point, I stock the pantry with the amount I'll need until they go on sale again (about once every 6 weeks).

I also only buy milk when it's on sale. The week it's available for $2.00 a gallon, I buy enough for 2 weeks. I also have noticed that Meijer and Kroger usually have milk on sale at different times. So even if I need another gallon, I know where to pick it up at its lowest price.

Using the Simply Frugal inventory list, I've recorded the regular price and the sales price for each of the 53 items on the list. I can immediately tell whether the sale + coupon price of a brand-name item matches the usual sale price of these basics.

Every week, in the post The Price Is Right, I post the current sale prices at Meijer, SaveALot, and Kroger for southeast Michigan. I list pantry items to stock up on, along with the fresh fruits and vegetables, and meats. Check through the recipes to see how I've used those ingredients.


Mrs Nikki 'Sass Buckets' Quinn said...

This is fantastic! We spend over 100 a week (50 per person). Can't wait to cut that down a bit.

dudewheresthestove said...

Your blog is truly great, really really helpful! Just wanted you to know that I featured your blog as a great resource for frugal recipes in one of my posts.