Tuesday, February 24, 2009

$5 Dinner Simple Lemon Thyme Chicken

5 Bills
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Broccoli is on sale at $1.00 per bunch, and the Value brand leg quarters are $5.90 for 10 pounds.

This ~$3.00 dinner provides 4 ounces of cooked chicken, 1 cup of rice, and 1/2 cup broccoli per person.

Buy: Chicken leg quarters, broccoli
Pantry: Oil, garlic, lemon juice, thyme, rice, chicken broth.

For 4 servings
2.5 lb chicken $1.50
1 bunch broccoli $1.00
1 1/4 C rice $0.35

Use the chicken broth instead of water to cook the rice. After the chicken has baked, skim off the fat from the juices left in the pan, and pour the flavorful juices over the rice at the table. Sprinkle a bit of lemon juice over the broccoli as it is steaming for a bright flavor.

Simple Lemon Thyme Chicken, steamed broccoli, Rice

You can add some Baked Pears for a seasonal dessert.


Anonymous said...

This sounds delish! I am going to take advantage of this week's Kroger sales and bookmark this recipe for next week. Thank you!!

Simply Frugal said...

Lemon and thyme are one of my favorite flavor combinations. It's a hint of Greek cuisine.