Sunday, April 19, 2009

The Price is Right

The Price is Right
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Here's this week's best buys in southeast Michigan. Ingredients in italics are more expensive than the rule of thumb I use for truly frugal cooking, 45¢ per serving.

Cost for a cooked 3 oz serving
36¢ Chicken breast, bone in 1.29 per pound (Meijer)
36¢ Chicken thighs, bone in .99 per pound (Kroger)
36¢ Pork shoulder, bone in .99 per pound (Meijer + Kroger)
50¢ Ground Round 1.99 per pound (Meijer)
51¢ Chicken, whole .98 per pound (Meijer)
53¢ Chuck roast, boneless 1.77 per pound (Kroger)
68¢ Chicken breast, boneless 1.88 per pound (Kroger)

Meat Alternatives
Cost for equivalent to 3 oz serving of meat
25¢ Eggs, large .98 per dozen (Meijer)
38¢ Cottage cheese 1.00 per pound (Kroger)
50¢ Cheese, chedder 2.69 per pound (Kroger)

Fruits and Vegetables
Cost for 1/2 cup serving
14¢ Apples 1.00 per pound (Meijer)
19¢ Grapes 1.00 per pound (Kroger)
20¢ Broccoli 1.00 per pound (Kroger)
26¢ Mango 1.00 each (Kroger)
30¢ Cantaloupe 1.50 each (Meijer)
30¢ Pears 1.18 per pound (Meijer)

Stock The Pantry
1.98 Milk, per gallon (Meijer + Kroger)
1.00 Mustard 24 oz jar (Kroger)

Other good buys
60¢ Campbell's Tomato or Chicken Noodle soup (Meijer)
Red bell peppers 1.00 each (Kroger)


Sheila said...

Glad you're back. It must have been very difficult for you with that cast.

Simply Frugal said...

Thanks Sheila!

I'm still facing a lot of physical therapy to get all the scar tissue and tendons to stretch out and let me rotate my arm again, but at least my typing fingers are free again.