Sunday, May 10, 2009

The Price is Right

The Price is Right
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Here's this week's best buys in southeast Michigan. Ingredients in italics are more expensive than the rule of thumb I use for truly frugal cooking, 45¢ per serving.

Cost for a cooked 3 oz serving
29¢ Turkey breast, bone in .88 per pound (Kroger)
43¢ Ground beef, 27% 1.66 per pound (Meijer)
43¢ Pork, country style ribs 1.19 per pound (SaveALot)
46¢ Chicken breast, boneless 1.78 per pound (Kroger)
46¢ Chicken, whole .98 per pound (Meijer)
48¢ Turkey, ground 1.79 per pound (Kroger)
54¢ Round steak 1.98 per pound (Kroger)

Meat Alternatives
Cost for equivalent to 3 oz serving of meat
20¢ Peanut butter .99 for 18 oz jar (Kroger)
24¢ Eggs .98 per dozen (Meijer)
33¢ Milk 1.77 per gallon (Kroger)

Fruits and Vegetables
Cost for 1/2 cup serving
8¢ Bananas .29 per pound (Meijer)
13¢ Apples .98 per pound (Meijer)

Stock The Pantry
Bacon Plumrose 2.19 per pound (Meijer)
Butter 1.79 per pound (Kroger)
Catsup Hunts 1.00 per 18 oz (Meijer)
Walnuts 3.99 per pound (Meijer)

Other good buys
Mac&Cheese 25¢ per box (SaveALot)

MIlk continues to drop in price. Kroger's $1.77 per gallon is the lowest it's been in a couple years. Also watch for pork prices to drop for a while.


Monica the Garden Faerie said...

Hi! I just found this blog searching, for all things, "Garage Sale Gallery." I'm a long-time cheapie, but not much of a cook, so your site is very interesting to me. I also like the way you highlight food specials around town. Thanks!

Simply Frugal said...

Glad you can make use of the information.

I've been doing this for years, and finally decided to post it for other people to use as well.