Monday, May 4, 2009

The Price is Right

The Price is Right
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Here's this week's best buys in southeast Michigan. Ingredients in italics are more expensive than the rule of thumb I use for truly frugal cooking, 45¢ per serving.

Cost for a cooked 3 oz serving
37¢ Chicken breast, bone in 1.29 per pound (Meijer)
45¢ Ground chuck 1.78 per pound (Kroger)
53¢ Pork loin, boneless 1.79 per pound (Meijer)

Meat Alternatives
Cost for equivalent to 3 oz serving of meat
24¢ Eggs .98 per dozen (Meijer + Kroger)
37¢ Milk 1.98 per gallon (Meijer + Kroger)
49¢ Cottage cheese 1.99 per 24 oz (Kroger)
51¢ Cheese 2.69 per pound (Kroger)

Fruits and Vegetables
Cost for 1/2 cup serving
13¢ Cameo apples .88 per pound (Kroger)
17¢ Green beans, frozen 1.00 per pound (Meijer)
20¢ Broccoli, frozen 1.00 per pound (Meijer)

Stock The Pantry
3.88 Sugar 10 pound package (Meijer)

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